Testimonials & Remembrances
What our customers are saying about us

“My Dad’s 80 years old and when I gave him some Velatis, he started crying. He absolutely loves these! It’s a tradition and brings back incredible memories for him. The candy is as good as ever! You guys are the best!” Ann B., Kensington, MD – July 27, 2005

“I asked my friend what she wanted from DC, that she couldn’t get anywhere else in the world. Guess what she said?! Velatis!” JoAnn R., Washington, DC – July 26, 2005

“I grew up in Washington where a box of Velatis was a treat for all occasions. How wonderful that they are still available.” Lawson H., Palm Springs, CA - January 24, 2002

“My Mom and her best friend both worked at Woodies when their husbands were in the service. They lived on Velatis. They always said Velatis was the best treat in the world! This silly candy played such an important role in their lives.” Dona S., Fremont, CA – July 26, 2005

“This is ridiculously good!” Sue K., Richmond, VA – July 7, 2005

“What a pleasure it is to introduce people in Ohio to the best candy in the world! Graeter’s is excellent, but nobody has caramels like Velatis!” Nancy B., Cincinnati, OH - May 26, 2005

“You might be pleased to learn that I introduced people to your scrumptious caramels on a walking tour called ‘Moveable Feast.’ I give each walk participant a candy as we stand in front of the site of the original store. So the caramel legend lives on!” Carolyn C., Washington DC - May 6, 2005

“This is wicked good!” Mary L., Boston, MA – April 23, 2005

“When my sister was dying of cancer and going through extensive chemotherapy sessions, I knew there was only one thing that would make her smile. We brightened her up with Velatis caramels. She told me during those last few days, they really made a difference to her. They are just as good as they were back in the old days.” William H., Chesterfield, VA – September 29, 2004

“I believe everyone in the DC area has a wonderful memory of Velatis and I am delighted to have found you. Much good fortune in your endeavor.” Betty T., Richmond, VA – February 1, 2001

“I would like to share Velatis with my family members over the Christmas holidays. Woodward & Lothrop has been gone a long time, but I am so happy to see that you picked up the Velatis traditional way of making candy. I remember it from when I was almost a child and we looked forward to someone traveling to DC (at that time) and bringing it back to Herndon to share over the holidays.” Mary C., Herndon, VA – November 18, 2004

“That stuff rocked!” Tom F., Houston, TX – August 14, 2004

“I am so glad to have found Velatis caramels again - they bring back 70 years of memory for me of watching the delight in my Mother’s face each Christmas, as she opened my gift of Velatis caramels.” George I., Rockville, MD – July 5, 2004

“My friends and I devoured joyously the sugaries.” Harry E., Monument, CO - December 27, 2000

“I am so happy to have found your company. I have been a fan of Velatis caramels for sixty years. So glad you are in business.” Annabelle J., South Riding, VA - December 7, 2000


“No one knows Velatis caramels more than the girls of St. Patrick’s Academy. The all-girls’ high school was located at 924 G Street NW, just three doors down from the Velatis shop. We remember stopping in the shop after school and especially during the holidays, when our families would order many boxes as holiday gifts. Most of the graduates assume that after Woodward and Lothrop closed, the Velatis caramels were merely a fond memory. You can remind them of the delicious chewy or crumbly Velatis caramels. Unlike our school, which met its demise in 1985, they will be surprised to learn that the caramels are still being made today. I am wondering if you would be willing to donate a few boxes to be awarded as raffle prizes at our upcoming annual alumni luncheon on Sunday, at the historic Monaco Hotel. A big fuss will be made when they are announced, and I would be willing to have your flyer order forms on hand to give out, if you decide you like the idea. Also, if you want to send a few additional boxes to be opened and passed among the 200 ladies, that would be fine too. Each year the school invites all graduates to the luncheon, and some from as early as the 1930’s attend and many from my mother’s class of 1946 come. My aunt’s class of 1954 is having a huge showing from around the U.S. to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Believe me, you would never find a group of Washingtonians that would appreciate your fine candies, as much as my fellow St. Patrick’s Academy grads! It would be great publicity for your company and we would enjoy raffle items that would create a stir.” Anne M., Oakton, VA – March 9, 2004

“Thank you Velatis. Thank you for the boxes of Velatis caramels you kindly donated for the St. Patrick’s Academy Alumni annual luncheon. We showcased the boxes at the entrance to the room, and it created a lot of excitement among the woman who were so surprised to learn that it is still being made. They fondly spoke of the days that they stopped in the store, which was on the same block as our school. Your flyers were snapped up. The winners of the door prizes were so thrilled at the thought of tasting the delicious caramels again. In fact, one of our winners of another prize wanted to turn hers back in for a box of Velatis! Thank you so much.” Anne M., Oakton, VA – April 12, 2004

“Thank you! This is a treat from my past. Born and raised in DC, Velatis was in my life for years. Thank you for bringing back a great memory. Have a great season of making people happy.” Katherine B., North East, PA – November 24, 2003

“Greetings to the Velatis family! Your confection is much enjoyed.” Paul C., Takoma Park, MD - October 15, 2003

“In lieu of roses, send Velatis which was enjoyed by Presidents, VIP’s and commoners like us. Warning, it’s addictive!” Evelyn C., Lady Lakes, FL - June 11, 2003

“Thank you for the one pound box of Velatis Vanilla Chewy Caramels. Now I understand why Velatis has been in business for so long. These are quite delicious and more like what I expected.” Nancy G., Crofton, MD - January 25, 2003

“Thank you for the very fresh box of Velatis chocolate chewies. This is how we remember Velatis - it’s a taste and texture of our past.” Susan I., Eugene, OR - January 1, 2003

“There’s no candy like it! All my friends are dying. Maybe they have Velatis in Heaven. If they have Velatis in Heaven, I’m ready to go!” Rose B., Sun City, FL - December 20, 2002

“Velatis is like a McDonald’s to Washingtonians.” Mary D., Stevensville, MD - December 15, 2002

“Best gift in the world!” John W., Washington, DC - December 14, 2002

“Our next door neighbor gave us a box and we loved it! Very very good!” Preston C., Potomac, MD - December 14, 2002

“Taste exactly as it use to.” Mildred T., Mount Ranier, MD - December 11, 2002

“Only candy in the world that I’d pay this price for. It’s fantastic!” Martha S., Indian Head, MD - December 7, 2002

“My family lived at 10th & G place for many years, and our holiday treat was your candies - we loved them. Also enjoyed the soda fountain - good old days. My aunt had a rooming house at the end of 1st Congregational Church and there for 33 years - I grew up there.” Carmene P., Frederick, MD - April 23, 2002

“Thank you for taking care of my order, so glad you’re back in business! Come to Washington, your home.” Isabel P., Washington, DC - March 30, 2002

“As a little girl, payday meant having someone bring home several boxes for the family. How wonderful the 9th Street store smelled! When Woodies closed, we were devastated because it meant no more Velatis. Now we’re looking forward to our order.” Milton V., Colesville, MD - February 20, 2002

“I have been a long-time fan of your delicious caramels.” Laigen S., Washington, DC - February 2, 2002

“Thank you for bringing back good old memories! Just so glad I found you! And, so is my sister.” Mildred G., Ligonier, PA - January 30, 2002

“Thank you for bringing back a sweet part of my youth! I look forward to enjoying your success in this business for a long, long time.” Sue F., Tarzana, CA - January 19, 2002

“As a 4th generation native Washingtonian, I remember the many trips to Velatis, standing in line watching ladies in white aprons breaking the candy in pieces and boxing it, and carrying home many boxes on the street car . . . opps, nostalgia took over - please send them.” Eleanor E., Silver Spring, MD - December 29, 2001

“It was wonderful reminiscing about my warm childhood memories of having my mother take me down to the original DC Velatis store on 9th Street. Where glass counters and hexagonal tile, and white clothed attendants hammered the candy. I’m just so thrilled that you’ve kept the recipe avaible for us to enjoy and I wish you the best of luck.” Catherine H., Silver Spring, MD - November 30, 2001

“Please find enclosed an order for your wonderful Velatis caramels. I am originally from Washington DC. So you know how glad I was to find you last year! I have spread the word and hope you have been hearing from everyone.” Elizabeth T., Richmond, VA - November 19, 2001

“My children will be so pleasantly surprised to receive their ‘favorite candy in the whole world.’ An absolute favorite of their childhood years. I’m so happy that I found you again after all these years!” Anita C., Springfield, VA - October 1, 2001

“We are so happy to hear that you are still making the candy we craved as young children. We still remember the taste!! And can’t wait to taste it again.” Stephanie S., Epping, NH – March 27, 2001

“The caramels tasted exactly as I remember as a young girl growing up in the Washington, DC area.” Jan P., Bowie, MD – February 2, 2001

“Thank you for sending your brochure. I am a fifth generation Washingtonian who is very familiar with the Velatis store and was sorry to see it close. After it left Woodward and Lothrop’s store, we all thought it had simply gone the way of all other old Washington traditions. I remember vividly waiting for my grandmother to come home on payday, because I knew her shopping bag had some Velatis candy in it somewhere. It can never be replaced. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive.” Barbara T., Washington, DC – January 12, 2001

“I wanted to say once more how glad I am that Velatis is back. As I mentioned during our phone conversation, I grew up with Velatis. In fact, these caramels have long been a favorite with my family. Living overseas during the 40’s and 50’s, my mother remembers my grandfather having Velatis shipped to them in Paris and Athens. I, myself, do not remember the store in DC, but a co-worker who worked downtown for many years, says that at lunchtime one could only enter through the Ninth Street entrance, as the G Street door was always jammed with people. She can remember the line stretching down the block.” Diana M., Columbia MD - November 30, 2000

“I have introduced Velatis to so many of my friends and relatives - all of whom love it and some are now customers of yours. I first fell in love with Velatis over 45 years ago when I lived in the Washington, DC area and worked for Potomac Electric Power Co. at 929 E Street NW, just a few blocks from the original Velatis shop at 9th and G Streets NW. Made many trips to that shop and later to Woodward and Lothrop.” Mary H., Little River, SC - September 9, 2000

“Please delight me once again with Velatis caramels which I grew up on. So glad I found you.” Joyce P., Arlington, VA – August 25, 2000

“Velatis was a part of my childhood and growing up years. My Dad’s typewriter shop was at 910 G Street - just a few doors from the candy store. If this candy is as good as I remember, I am sure that this order will result in orders from other old Washingtonians!” Pauline G., Silver Spring, MD - November 30, 1998

“May Velatis candies remind you of the happy occasions in the past, as well as be a part of the happy occasions in your futures.” Heather S., Richmond, VA - November 1, 1998

“I really believe there’s a lot of pent-up demand here in the DC area for Velatis candies. Be prepared if you do any serious marketing up here - you might be surprised by the overwhelming response. For baby-boomers like me, Velatis represents not only incredibly good candy, but also, a chance to reminisce and a little bit of nostalgia. For me, a Sunday drive to visit my grandparents often meant a special Velatis treat. Thanks for keeping the memories alive.” Bob M., Clifton, VA - July 18, 1998

“I have bought Velatis since the 1930’s, and it is like no other I have ever tasted. The old store was at 9th and G Streets NW, Washington, DC. And the line would go halfway round the block - of course the price was only 50 cents a pound.” J. B., Washington, DC - June 26, 1998

“We are delighted to find that Velatis are available. We have known about your candy for at least 55 years from the original candy store at 9th and G Streets, and then Woodward and Lothrops in Washington DC. Thank you for making an old dream come true!” Nancy P., Alexandria, VA - March 27, 1998

“I am so very thrilled to be able to get the delicious Velatis caramels again! It’s been many years. I grew up in DC, and we would get them at Woodward and Lothrops. Now, almost two years ago, even “Woodies” stores are gone. It was always one of my favorite stores, and everyone felt this way. My sister-in-law told me last week that she had just discovered you all.” Mary R., Silver Spring, MD – March 23, 1998


“I just received an article which appeared in The Washington Post concerning your location. It was just like finding an old friend! I lived in the DC. area for over 50 years and some of my wonderful memories were eating Benny Bortnick’s watermelon, Stephanson’s checker-board boxes filled with tea cookies and Velatis caramels! When I wasn’t ‘flush’, I would buy the ‘seconds’ and they were just as delightful.” O.V., Jacksonville, FL - March 12, 1998

“Last month I received my order of candy after discovering that Velatis existed. It was like I was a kid again. It tasted exactly the same.” Lisa P., Lake Ridge, VA - March 12, 1998

“I recently saw an article about Velatis candy in the Prince Georges Journal of Maryland. I was born in Washington, DC, and remember the Velatis candy store while I was growing up. My mouth waters as I think about that wonderful candy!” Nancy C., Hyattsville, MD - February 26, 1998

“The Velatis is just the way I remembered, better than Woodies.” Chris S., Springfield, VA - February 23, 1998

“Thank you so much for sending the caramels so quick. My grandfather enjoyed them very much and so did the rest of the family. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.” Patti S., Des Moines, IA - February 21, 1998

“Your company is a dream come true for a family of native born Washingtonians. My husband of sixty years has said so often, ‘If only I could taste Velatis caramels again.’ When one of our children found your address in the Journal’s ‘Answer Line’, we knew what we had to do . . . without his knowledge, of course.” Kate C., Bowie, MD - February 19, 1998

“Thank you for purchasing the formula from Woodies and carrying on a wonderful childhood tradition.” Mary M., Silver Spring, MD - January 26, 1998

“I wish to thank you for sending the vanilla caramels. They are still the greatest.” Doris O., New Hartford, NY - January 19, 1998