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The Original Velati's Caramels and Chocolate Sweet Shop. Featuring the finest confections made by hand from European old-world candy recipies.

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Velati's Caramels & Chocolates What Could Be Sweeter?

Velati's has been making artisan hand-crafted caramels since 1866. Our Fine Caramels and Confections are made with the highest-quality locally sourced ingredients. European sugary-style caramels, melt-in-your-mouth, and our traditional American chewy-style caramels, are the perfect gift to be shared and enjoyed. We strive to always select organic, fair-trade, sustainable, certified chocolates and ingredients. We never use chemical additives or preservatives, in the making of our products. Velati's treats are the perfect gift to be shared and enjoyed. Our friendly staff will assist you in choosing from a wide selection of handcrafted caramels, toffees, sea salt turtles, truffles, Belgian chocolates and other sweet treats!

SEA-SALT TURTLES (6pack) Image of Chewy Caramels - Assorted Mix of Four Flavors 15 count Bite-sized Truffle Box
Sea-Salt Turtles (6 pack)
Our Price: $23.99
Custom All Four Chewys
Our Price: $16.99
Custom all 8 Caramels plus Marshmallow image Toffee with Nuts Image of Caramel - Vanilla Mashmallow
Amy's Toffee with Nuts
Our Price: $16.99
Vanilla Chewy Marshmallow
Our Price: $17.99