About Velatis

The Original Velatis™, Inc.

The Original Velatis™ Carmel Kitchen and Sweets Shop is now located in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. In 2009, the Servais family re-established the iconic caramel company to the Washington D.C. area. The little store, on Georgia Avenue, often catches the attention of people passing by, and many rush in to share their memories of its days at 9th and G streets or at Woodward and Lothrop. Customers excitedly order caramels and other sweets to be sent to family members, all over the country, so that they can share in their wonderful memories once again.

In addition to the caramels made with the original Velati Family recipes used since 1866, The Original Velatis™ has added a number of fine confections that you will find online and in-sotre. Toffee, Truffles, Bon-Bons, Caramel Sea-Salt Turtles, Caramel Ice Cream and Caramel Ice Cream Toppings have quickly become new favorites.

Velatis™ is famous for our old-world Italian Sugary Caramels that melt in your mouth. These caramels have a crumbly almost praline or fudge-like texture. Close in nature to Dulce de Leche or Scottish Tablet they are truly old-world caramels, with simple ingredients of cream and sugars. We also have a traditional “Chewy” caramel with a smooth creamy finish. All caramels have a variety of nuts versions, as well as, chocolate, marshmallow, coffee and macchiato flavors. Seasonally, Velatis offers specialty flavors such as Bourbon, Tequila, Beer, Pumpkin Spice, Black Cherry Brandy, and Eggnog to name a few.

Aromas of caramelizing sugars will greet you upon entering the store in Silver Spring, Maryland. This is the location of The Original Velatis™ kitchen where all of the caramels and other handmade confections are produced. A window separates you from the kitchen where you can view team members mixing, pouring and hand cutting caramels. We also offer a number of small batch in-store treats not available on-line. You will find a variety of caramel themed baked goods, as well as some, handcrafted Belgian chocolate items, such as, dipped pretzels, seasonal novelty shaped solid chocolates, non pareils, caramel filled chocolate covered Oreos to mention just a few. Velatis™ is also proud and honored to serve our candies in the U.S. Pentagon accessible only to authorized personnel.

Our experienced Velatis™ associates are well versed in putting together the perfect gift for all occasions. Whether you are ordering —favors for your big day, wishing a friend a speedy recovery or just treating yourself to something sweet — they are there to answer all your questions and help you with your purchase with a friendly smile. Old fashioned service is also a hallmark of our brand.